Two of my persistent themes are that it is about details in customer experience and that it doesn’t need to cost you money it is about consistent execution.

I remember having a conversation in Singapore with a contact who had worked for Tiger Beer – she was talking about the investment they made in supplying bars with branded materials including glasses and beer mats and how they then incentivise the bar owners to use the Tiger materials whenever they served the beer.  As we sat there the barman delivered two Tiger beers both in Tiger glasses and put them on Tiger beer mats BUT the branding on the beer mat and the glass was not facing the customer.  Given that so much of what we see and hear is absorbed sub-consciously she recognised that these small reinforcing prompts are important – she was not impressed!!

Training and incentives go hand in hand so yes it is ok to incentivise but you also have to equip the delivery team and this was we agreed a gap in the investment.

I was reminded of this in a pub in London recently when two drinks were ordered and they were put on the bar with the right beer in the right glass and facing the customer, it’s only a detail I know but get all of those right and you are a long way to delivering an on brand experience and the  cost at the executional level is zero.