Whenever I visit a new company it is always fascinating to see how the whole Reception process happens, how much thought has gone in to how someone is able to find the offices, park, be welcomed and greeted.  This extent to the whole look and feel of the Reception it can say so much about the tone and feel of the Company and certainly creates an early impression whether positive or negative.  I remember the Reception of a high tech laboratory equipment manufacturer where the whole look and feel reminded me of funeral parlour….

In the case of this European telco featured in the picture the Reception was quite funky, look at the chair design and colour, there was a lot of concrete in a ‘brutalist’ feel in terms of the architecture, it was big, airy but where the human component entered it fell over.

Look at the leaflet stand by the pillar…yes it is empty the Reception staff are sitting  a few feet away but seem not to have noticed, how many other members of staff and Directors have walked on by, that is the cultural point.

As with a lot of my blog posts this may seem a small detail but it is the cumulative impact of these that creates a view of what the company is actually like, what would it take to either remove the empty stand or fill it up, yep you guessed it no cost just the ‘eyes on’ of staff to do something about it….attention to detail!

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