It was only last week that I once again had the impression that mobile telephone businesses are happy to rip you off fully reinforced.  My son’s 2 year contract with O2 ended and given he now needed a SIM only deal we should have seen the bill fall.  I waited to be contacted by O2 to say that contract was over and what I assumed would be review of the usage and an offer of a different much cheaper deal.  Well I could have waited all year as they did not contact me and instead chose to charge me the old contract fee of £22 at the end of the month – in my view this is tantamount to fraud.

So I called the team and asked why they had not called me to provide a new contract – the answer was “you ticked the box saying that you did not want to be contacted about marketing and other services, so we did not call you” unbelievable, so apparently they construe a legal end to a contract  as “marketing” I don’t think so just an excuse to let the old charge roll forward and for them to make bad profits.  So I said what is the new tariff, £8 but we will, now charge you for the proportion of this month that you have already ‘used’ at the old rate!!!  So now having accepted that the were wrong verbally there is no effort to make me feel any better in fact lets grab another few pounds…..

When will these companies realise that these practices are totally unacceptable, the truly sad part is I left Vodafone to join O2 because they were equally appalling, oh for a mobile company that actually cares about its customers and their experience 🙁