As promised I am maintaining the theme of sport and experience and how by thinking from the customer perspective you can address a ‘business’ issue.  In this case the participation levels in golf have been falling and that means they need to attract more young people.

What do under 24 year olds need, accommodation that they won’t be able to afford that because the local hotels close to any tournament put their rates up sky high to profit/’eer’ from the event…. and access to the Tournament at a sensible price.

The event organisers and the governing body of the sport would appear to have co-operated to meet those twin needs and in doing so encourage more visits to the Tournament and thereby promote the sport.

How did that do it well they started to think differently and for a relatively small investment they secured a site near to the venue, walking distance, enough space to hold 500 under 25’s (that is the age limit) in 2/3/4 man tents all provided pitched and ready to be used FOR FREE for each of the 4 days of the event – tickets are just £30 for up to 21 year olds.  Even AirBnb was more expensive!

To extend the experience there is a golf chipping competition, a football pitch in the middle of the camp site and an indoor bar for food and drinks.

Of course the did not have to do this it needed to be imagined and then invested in to make it a reality – one that has also garnered many column inches of media coverage for free too.

Well done golf !!!