When it comes to experiences we need to consider all of the senses, in order to have a positive experience you may need to consider more than what you say and what a customer hears or smells or sees.

Let’s think about seats for a minute, anyone with children will probably have ‘enjoyed’ Primary School parents evening when they have you sitting on chairs made for 5 year olds – it is certainly something I remember which just reinforces that physical and visual elements of experiences are powerful drivers of memories, whether good, bad or just amusing!

Chairs can be significant in many different ways and not only how they feel but how they look, anyone who has spent time with their Bank Manager will have seen the lovely large, often leather chair they occupy whilst you sit on a clearly cheap, often uncomfortable stock chair (mirroring how you feel at that moment).  You may also have noticed or perhaps not that they tend to have their seats raised a couple of inches higher than yours  – giving them and reinforcing the position of power over you.  The same thing often applies in job interviews where another piece of furniture ‘a desk’ is used to reinforce the barrier between the employed and the hopeful would-be employee.

If your customer needs to sit down during the experience think about how comfortable they will be….and importantly you need them to be…

Just think about it when you have sat on an uncomfortable chair, squirming, readjusting, how is your state of mind…are you relaxed, engaged or do you want this experience to hurry up and end 🙂 #thinkdifferently